On which topics can we support you?

All RiskNET Advisory partners have a wide range of training and experience backgrounds covering a variety of topics and industries. All partners have historically held leadership positions (including IBM, Airbus) in various industries.

We support you with the following coaching and consulting services:

  • Identification, assessment and management of business risks based on well-founded methods (collection methods, analytical methods and creativity methods)!
  • Development of integrated risk management systems, such as Enterprise Risk Management Systems (ERM)!
  • We support you in the further development of the degree of maturity in risk management – based on a field-proven and established maturity approach!
  • We support you in the implementation of integrated systems around risk management, governance, internal controls and compliance!
  • We support you in difficult phases of restructuring through structured scenario analyzes and demonstrating sustainable solutions!
  • We support you with tendering projects in the selection process of suitable software solutions in risk management or GRC!
  • We accompany you in bidding processes in the insurance broker selection!
  • We support you in developing your own business games or business wargames in the areas of risk management, corporate governance, compliance and GRC.
  • We support you in the further development of the risk culture within the company – based on risk management simulation games, which we have been using successfully for many years successfully in companies of different industries!
  • We offer know-how transfer through seminars and studies!