Who are we?

RiskNET Advisory stands for practical and competent coaching and consulting services around the topics risk management and strategy for more than 20 years.

Our approach:

  • Every industry and every customer is individual – and that's exactly what our approaches are!
  • Successful projects are based on a close and cooperative partnership - and so we have been working together with our customers for more than 20 years in close cooperation!
  • We work solution-oriented – together with our customers we define the goals to be achieved and commit ourselves to a binding project goal, which we will guarantee to achieve in time and quality!
  • We build bridges between theory and practice – our methodological approaches are sound and follow a pragmatic "keep it simple" approach!
  • Our solutions are long term and increase your added value – and we focus on measurable changes!
  • Theoretical “PowerPoint”-concepts are not our thing –  above all the effective and sustainable implementation in practice counts!
  • We believe that successful risk management, compliance and other management systems must incorporate the following elements: organization, sound practices, processes and (risk) culture!


Our understanding of risk management:

  • The risk strategy: Without strategy, no path is right!
  • Determining the risk-bearing capacity: how much risk can your business model cope with?
  • The overall building of an integrated risk and opportunity management: holistic risk assessment instead of silo sinking!
  • Risk identification and assessment: What are the top risks of the company, which endanger your success?
  • Risk-adjusted planning in the company (stochastic scenario analysis): An excellent and practice-oriented tool dealing with uncertainty!
  • Effectively implementing operational risk management: shaping opportunities and risks while not forgetting people!
  • Setting up and evaluating early warning systems: so that you can act instead of react!
  • Successfully implementing risk management: securing opportunities, controlling risks!
  • Creation of meaningful and target group-specific reports: So that you continue to see the forest for the trees and the important topics arrive at you!
  • Creating an appropriate Risk Culture: For risk management not to become a "Potemkin village" or mutate into an "alibi function", but to live in the organization on a daily basis!